B2 Spirit

scratch built

The ultimate weapon carrier: radarinvisible, longrange bomber. Just before you know it’s around, you are dead. Give the big boys their big toys



Nov 09 2019

Kurtis D.

It’s adorable! I’ve always loved the B-2 Spirit as my favorite plane in the world. This just adds to my love for it. This is a design on a successful and highly effective weapon made cute and safe for young learners. If this was ever for sale, I’d probably buy like 5 at once. Great job once again ;)

Apr 09 2015

Luke C.

I honestly thought that this was the only plane that U couldn't make into an egg plane because it was so flat but you my friend did it!!!! AWESOME!!! :-)

Apr 03 2015

sarah hart

Freaking awesome site! Luv it!

Sep 23 2011

Keith Chambers

I'm not eggzagerating when I say WOW! Your site is awesome as are your builds and dios. The photoshop is eggzellent! I check the site several times a week for new additions and ideas, and there are a ton of them. I also enjoy the guest builder site and have had the honor of emailing a few of them. It's a great community you have going here. Keep up the good work. More please.

Jun 16 2011

andrew h

you should totally make a f-22 raptor. love your website! :)

May 15 2011

cory hamper

Okay, I am completely blown away. Your work is rediculously incredible. You're killin' me here. Fantastic work. I have some more ideas. contact me if you wish.

Jun 21 2010


Your work is amazing sir! The B-2 is especially amazing.

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