Boeing B17 Flying Fortress

scratch built

The "flying fortress" fast became one of the most important bombers of WW2. It was heavily armed and would even fly when it was riddled with holes.



Apr 09 2015


Can I buy it? Where and how?

Apr 03 2015


Where can I buy a B17 egg plane

Jun 20 2012


excellent work. I have not seen a reply from my direct inquires, perhaps from here? thanks!

Nov 08 2011

Scot Winskye

One of my favorite planes and one of my favorite egg-planes!

Aug 28 2010

Alexander Plymale

I love these!!! I'm currently working on the P-47. The B-17 is awesome!! Nice work!! One that I have not seen someone create yet and would have perfect for it's shape. Especially for the nose of the aircraft....the B-29 Superfortress!! Awesome site...keep up the good work!!:)

Apr 23 2010


You sir, Win all my internets for a week.

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