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The first (and by date) the only supersonic civil aircraft. Cutting down the flight time to a fraction ( of course you have to take a long ride to your airport, wait some hours till boarding, fly to Heathrow to hopefully reach your Concorde in time, sit out all the delays, search frantically for your lost luggage. But after all standard mishaps, you will enjoy a superfast flight). After a fatal accident ocurred, the Concorde was finally sent to retirement.



Apr 09 2015

Luke C.

U should open up UR own little shop I bet you'd be really successful, even here in NYC!!!! ;-)

Feb 09 2015


What the heck is that

Nov 21 2014

Johnathan Safford

Hi, is this Concorde egg-model for sale?




May 31 2013

aviation girl

that is the cutest model concorde I have ever seen

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