F117 Nighthawk

scratch built

The first radarundetectable fighter airplane. Well, not truly the first and not completely undetectable, but who asks?



Apr 09 2015

Luke C.

It just looks so silly...in a good way.

Dec 11 2014


JOHN: I am indeed that F-117A pilot.

I can be reached at Bandit_576@Yahoo.com.

I look forward to speaking with you.

Happy Holidays,

Aug 08 2014


This might sound crazy, but I have a poster of a F117 nighthawk signed by a LTC Phil "spot" and then I can't read the last name. Under the signature he wrote Bandit576. I've been trying to find him so I can contact him to thank him and this is the only possibility I've ever found. Anyway I can get in contact with the person who left the comment?

May 25 2014


Bandit, it will be as of next week. Stay tuned for further details.

May 24 2014


Is this F-117 Nighthawk Egg Shape of sale?

I flew the F-117A for 5 years while in the USAF.

Thank you.
Bandit 576

Dec 09 2012

Kevin Rocker Lake

You are brilliant!

Dec 18 2011

Fidiles David Dorin

Is this a joke?Because is very very funny!

Sep 30 2011


it's awsome! I admire you.

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