Fairchild Republic A-10

scratch built

The A-10 "warthog" is a air to ground attack fighter. It's main weapon is the frightening 7-barreled gatlinggun, able to stop a tank! In both irak wars it was used extensively to demolish machinery of the opponent.



Jun 17 2017

Dan Adams

Are these kits for sale? If so, from where? Really love the A-10

Apr 09 2015

Luke C.

My favorite plane of all time GREAT WORK!!!! :-)

Aug 05 2014


Do you have any A-10 models to sell? Thank You

May 18 2011


Awesome I love your egg planes, you should make an f-22

Oct 21 2010

Patrick Zadrobilek

My Favorite! A-10 with EGGling!!! cool!

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